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Myth and Ceremony

by From Fragile Seeds

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released April 14, 2015

Andrew Inge - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Gregory - Drums, Guitar
Mike Perlowski - Bass

Lyrics by Andrew Inge
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Andrew Inge
Mastered by Kim Rosen (Knack Mastering)

Design and Layout by Chris Gregory (1927 Art & Design)



all rights reserved


From Fragile Seeds Richmond, Virginia

From Fragile Seeds is a Post-Post-Hardcore Pre-Post-Rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Their third album, A Place To Be Still, was released in March of 2017.

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Track Name: Comfort
Always inches away, we are unfinished shapes
Never ending, ever shrinking
Always chasing a day, this one gets in the way
but we don't change it, just walk around it
And in that longest of miles comes the illusion of home
and we will save it, because we know it

So I've been saving up my time to find some better use
or a new excuse to keep it underused and never have to move
like getting used to everything I've always had and always seen
but couldn't be
Just wave after wave to keep my off my feet and always clean

And I, I found you a lie
And I, I kept it alive

I know it was safe in that cave, but oh what a waste
As you wither away counting your days
Making marks on the wall so you know where you are
and you'll stay there because you know it

I know it was safe in that cave, but you can't just wait
for the planet to shift and let you escape
Counting marks on the wall so you know when you are
you're no time at all, you're a boring song

And with everything you'll want to be but won't have time
you waste the day to give your circling a reason to keep circling
and staying clean
When all your miles add up, what did you spend them on
a wasted song that you won't sing
a well for throwing everything
a better home where you won't sleep
a pile of gold that you'll just keep
a statue for the world to see that won't do anything
It won't do anything
Track Name: Monument
We followed the ship for nights
It glowed a green and phantom light
A flare had fallen to their deck
A ghostly glow that kept us back
Of course we knew better than that
But we're still afraid, and the world's still flat

We found their bodies on the beach with crumpled letters wet with ink
They said we should have known better than that
So we took their sails and stitched them back
A monument to what had passed
Our superstitions rectified

And it's calming, so calming to believe
Burying could bring some peace to a lifeless body
Our superstitions rectified

They tunneled ladders to our homes,
So we took the long way, you never know
I think we know better than that
We found some gold set on the ground
Right again, so we wrote it down
We all can know better than that

And it's calming, so calming to believe
Burying could bring some peace to a lifeless body
Our superstitions rectified
We snuck through to the other side
Just out of view of our own lives
Our worth is something we can hide
Until our work has been revised

It's easier to change your mind and cope
than change yourself to be what you had hoped

We built a quiet home to keep our thoughts
and opened all its doors to those we crossed
And eager for a lie we filled them up
With what we thought was life's unquestioned love
And in our lengthy talks we fell so short
Took comfort in some comforting reports
You see it isn't me it's just this world
So move yourself along for your reward

So now we scream we all know better now
The ink has dried and there's no turning back
Attaching our own strings to our own hands
So something pulls our faults to something else
But it's easier to change your mind and cope
Than change yourself to be what you had hoped
And though it's no shame to long for more,
It just doesn't count when you lock your door
Track Name: Abide
Everyone else if your excuse, but it's you
and you're turning them too to be excused
But something that you make can't take the fall for all you take,
but you assume they're taking too

Don't just sit not bailing out your boat,
'cause they told you others won't
You're too bitter now to move,
so you're the others too
Just sinking away, arms crossed in the waves,
nothing left to save, everyone to blame

You shrug as the searching find you in
the spitting foaming sea, underneath
some tattered ship you assumed would be
replaced by wood from the rest of the fleet
and all of your wishes fell short of land
as the whole world stood back with folded hands
drifting away and writing 'it's everybody else but me'

Won't be long, your hand full of keys with no doors you've seen
and all your spent, you hold in between a forest of seeds
that won't get warm enough to be
Track Name: Island
A torch to burn and put out with a hand
and never even blink
It wouldn't mean a thing or be seen

Collected feathers, a last ditch effort to cross the river that you made

But your arms were wet, they wouldn't stay
and every feather fell away and left you on the ground
to wait another day

We found you there, under the leaves just like you said
with your shoes beside the water waiting for the end to end
When you stood up, saw faces floating in the dark
but you can't see much past your hands
and couldn't reach out past your arms
You couldn't wait
when you climbed out to see a day and all it promised
you found it haunted and such a waste

We shoved the trees into our tiny bags and carried them
to some safe place
where we could stand and watch the world and not be seen,
so we could wait
for all of it to be erased and turned to dust, and start again
And climb out from our hiding place and live again, and live again
Track Name: Dust
We burn through all we got so soon, and stitch the scraps and call it new
but our only fault's not getting enough, we push our wrongs to lack of luck

we'll bury the sea for a while I guess, until we're fit to use it best
Delaying each move for a better day, to be born again in a different way

We'll bury the sea for a while I guess and deal with the thirst 'til it burns our chest

I could barricade well all my future selves
but it's not what I want, even if I will
'cause I stole all the gold and I'm hiding it well
to never be used even by myself

And I dug up the sea from the wreckage to find it just how I left it
but missing its shine

And we'll all find it strange that I kept it away
Just too scared of lost, so I hid it so safe
To just keep some piece of the world that I knew
too scared of the next one, there was nothing to do

And all of that time that I swore I'd make up
had been turning the world I had saved into dust
Track Name: Ceremony
Go light on the walls, you won't need them for long
Down the well you fall, under the cover of every coin you caught
and held your breath in too long
holding onto all the gold you could touch

You spent your spirit on a loan for something you could touch
while long extended hands made amends with the bodies they had left
and known for such short increments

And all of this was innocent
We built a well to make them wish
and covered up every inch that you won't miss
for long

But I wasn't there to build a wall, just windows over all you saw
to keep them there so we could stare, 'cause we were sitting after all
Left in a box but you won't know since you'll never try to grow
into anything that wouldn't fit, that touched the glass, that wasn't inside

Before too long, we'll cover up our mouths and say it to our hands
and no one else. We'll leave our work locked up for years to collect dust
and show we don't need all these walls to be windows

But you're always reaching down the well, falling for every coin that fell
and when you climbed up with pockets full, all your world had turned to gold
and where were you, you should have known, you shrug and drop an empty wish back down