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There Are No Maps Left

by From Fragile Seeds

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released July 12, 2013

Andrew Inge - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Gregory - Drums
Jarrett Disbennett - Guitar
Mike Perlowski - Bass

Mixed by Dusty Stowe -
Mastered by Kim Rosen -



all rights reserved


From Fragile Seeds Richmond, Virginia

From Fragile Seeds is a Post-Post-Hardcore Pre-Post-Rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Their third album, A Place To Be Still, was released in March of 2017.

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Track Name: We Can Get Lost Again
Such a tight space to pace in
Such a life only tasted
Get it right, start it again
Get it wrong, just give in then
Now we love all we know until we know something different
But who would want to find it
Holding tight how I'm living
And build onto it until there is nothing left to build with

And there'll be no maps left, have to find it
Steady your own hand to fix it
Find all your own words, have to mean it
Build all your own walls just to keep it
And there will be no maps left
We can get lost again and begin again from this end

When these leaves start to fall, and swept off from their start
Do we let go of our world or take ourselves apart
Or say there's nothing I would change as they carve out their new names
Well you're just a body now, don't be so proud

There are no maps left, we can get lost again

You're just a body now. Don't be so proud.
Track Name: Tear Through The Earth
Anchors to weigh you down
Roots to clutch the ground
You're holding tighter now
Settled on the sound
You're closer to the shore
Finding nothing more
We live with what we made
and push the rest away

We start to bend, roots pulling
And tear through the earth
The first breath that we've earned
Track Name: The Greatest Men Of Confidence
Follow yourself into no one else you like
Starving your ship so you can live a while

You dreamed it, for their act
To clean them, knowing that you'd take them nowhere
You leaned in, for their hand
To claim them, knowing that you'd take them nowhere

But you can't steer away, my dear. You're lost.
Won't make it clear to lend an ear. They're gone.
Track Name: Waking State
There's an ocean where it was
No more dirt, no more dust
You sat up from the mud you can do what you want

And if there's somewhere you go, you know you'll never know
There's no change to be made for some different day we claim we saved

Now you waste all your days on some path that's been made
While the other mud waits in some imperfect place we won't save

There's enough left to see, it's just too much to need
something extra to reach for some mud that got clean
We'll lay down in the mud and be dirt and be dust
And no we'll never see all our work turned to rust

We'll lay down in the mud and be dirt and be dust
And no we'll never see all our work turned to rust
There's an ocean where it was
No more dirt, no more dust
You sat up from the mud, you can do what you want
Track Name: Spider
You can't see the spider on the wall
Just the scene in which it crawls and where it goes wrong

You can't see the picture that you make
Just the frame in which it lays and piled up paint

We empty out the ocean to some better place
We empty out the ocean to somewhere that you saved

Can't adjust the focus anywhere that's inbetween
The edge of all your vision and seconds from your feet
As you empty out your oceans into somewhere that you saved
And blur the lens a little, til there's nothing but a frame
Track Name: Where Your Anchors Sleep
We stay for falling waves
To pioneer this crowded space and map what's already been shaped
And though you can't lean far enough to leap
you're staring at your feet, just waiting for release
from everything you've seen

And now we're far from land
Our ships got sidetracked and we shrugged and settled in

But you're always pulled back in reach to where your anchors sleep
So far from me but tied to everything

We'll all claim we pulled free.
Track Name: The Weight Of The Ebb
We start to see the scenery through these machines
through rusted leaves

The hills duck down for the sunrise
So shield your eyes

'Cause this doesn't happen at all
We don't go down or get small
No questions left haunting your head
No blanks to fill or gods needed
All openings closed and sealed
No darkness left in the field
No place to rest your head
But you take what you get

We are the lucky ones now
There's nothing left to figure out
Teach yourself to tag along and hum along til it's all done
And you never walk too far for fear you'll stumble off with open ears
And see the questions out ahead and settle down to catch your breath

And you caught yourself sleeping in
While they world still turned and you stayed still
But there's no place to rest your head
So you take what you get
Track Name: Fuji
It's just a myth we kept around to keep you close but leave you out
Under wraps but out of chains to keep your pictures out of frames
And when you lost your way it stayed, used for seconds used for days
A trick for everyone to play to keep the better things at bay

Another thing to weigh you down
To keep you home and shut your mouth
And waste the morning that you made
And call it yours and call it saved
'Cause we don't answer to a thing
It should be more than what was made
Not some dirt that got a name
Ignore the mud that wasn't raised

'Cause it's ours and it stays
And we won't be saved
And your anchors left you chained to your walls and to a name
To their arms and to a frame with no direction left to take

We'll be in the same place and never know what stays
The roots are all we made. It doesn't need a name.

We'll be in the same place until we know it's done
To push the world away and crawl back to the mud

Since you lie we'll keep you safe, and you won't answer to a name
An anchor pressed onto a page, there's nothing left for you to take
Since you're lost we'll light away
It's not the one you could explain
There's nothing left for you to take, but you'll take it anyway

We'll be in the same place