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Restless Soil

from by From Fragile Seeds



Driftwood please just drift back
Kick dirt 'til you find wood that's intact
Stomach turns at the pieces of past
Things that don't get to be, washed up at my feet

So kick it back, hum a song
Switch the thought, and move along

As I grieve, move away from the beach
Trees up to their knees in their own dead leaves

And a small window brings a small small breeze
Not quite enough to feel real relief
But it captured my breath and it swept past the desk
For someone to collect just to make sense of it
'Cause I've been holding it, I've been holding it off
As long as I can now it all caves in

Forest floor where you stand
Crunch of leaves fills your head
Whispered stories from dead little things
Once were green
A river runs through the hill
Carves a hole from the stone
Trickles ten jagged claws with no bones
Makes its home

Built a mill and the river froze up and they claimed
Water swallowed and carried away what you made
What you left you were sending instead of to its grave
To land ashore so assured of your safety and tame

Someone who passed by, waterlogged from some storm
Sun dried on the rocks
They'll open their eyes, salted shut for so long
As the wood drifts his way
Come back after days, city built on the waves
And you watch as it sways
Such a pillar from dead wood, you tossed as you left
And went on your way
Said the ghost of all things haunts the shores and the trees
So just let them be, so just let them

I've been holding it
I've been holding it off
As long as I can, now it all caves in


from A Place To Be Still, released March 21, 2017



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From Fragile Seeds Richmond, Virginia

From Fragile Seeds is a Post-Post-Hardcore Pre-Post-Rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Their third album, A Place To Be Still, was released in March of 2017.

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