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Always inches away, we are unfinished shapes
Never ending, ever shrinking
Always chasing a day, this one gets in the way
but we don't change it, just walk around it
And in that longest of miles comes the illusion of home
and we will save it, because we know it

So I've been saving up my time to find some better use
or a new excuse to keep it underused and never have to move
like getting used to everything I've always had and always seen
but couldn't be
Just wave after wave to keep my off my feet and always clean

And I, I found you a lie
And I, I kept it alive

I know it was safe in that cave, but oh what a waste
As you wither away counting your days
Making marks on the wall so you know where you are
and you'll stay there because you know it

I know it was safe in that cave, but you can't just wait
for the planet to shift and let you escape
Counting marks on the wall so you know when you are
you're no time at all, you're a boring song

And with everything you'll want to be but won't have time
you waste the day to give your circling a reason to keep circling
and staying clean
When all your miles add up, what did you spend them on
a wasted song that you won't sing
a well for throwing everything
a better home where you won't sleep
a pile of gold that you'll just keep
a statue for the world to see that won't do anything
It won't do anything


from Myth and Ceremony, released April 14, 2015



all rights reserved


From Fragile Seeds Richmond, Virginia

From Fragile Seeds is a Post-Post-Hardcore Pre-Post-Rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Their third album, A Place To Be Still, was released in March of 2017.

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